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Best of '10 :: Nominations

Welcome to Best of '10 where people nominate their favorite icons, organized by maker, from the year 2010!



The Basics
    → Makers put their own names forward. You cannot put forward another maker's name for them.
    → Makers should start a new comment thread with their username in the title and the journal where they post their icons in the body of the comment.
    → Respond to maker comments with icons they wish to nominate for that maker's Best of '10.
    → This post and following Best of '10 posts will be left public indefinitely.
    → This should go without saying, but guys, be nice to each other. This is not a concrit meme, though people are free to ask for some. If you don't like someone's icons, you are not obligated to tell them. If someone does ask for concrit, remember the constructive portion of it.

Maker Comments
    → Maker comments can be put forward for one week. On the 9th, no more maker comments will be accepted.*
    → I said it before, but make sure to put your username in the comment's subject and where you post icons in the body. If you would like to link to individual icon posts/tags/whatever, that's up to you.
    → Feel free to write other things in the body! For instance, what sort of style you think you have, what fandoms you focused on, techniques you worked on through the year.
    → Please do not, however, talk up individual icons.

    → Nominations will be accepted for 10 days or until the 12th. Replies will then be frozen while I put together voting.*
    → Icons should not be hotlinked from the maker's original post unless, and only unless, the maker says in their comment that it is okay to do so. Otherwise, save and upload.
    → Nominations should have both the icon's image and a link to the url.
    → You aren't required to say anything other than the image + url combo, but it's nice to explain what you like about the icon you chose! What made it stand out to you?
    → You may nominate up to 6 comments per maker. You can either put them in separate comments or all in one.
    → All nominated icons must be from 2010. Duh.
    → Seconding nominations is allowed, though it doesn't really do anything. It just shows the maker that there are more fans of that icon out there.
    → Try to nominate for multiple people, including makers you don't know! You can even nominate for fandom's you don't know. Sometimes an outsider's perspective can be fresh and interesting!
    → NSFW nominations should be warned for.
    → Discussion of specific icons and what you like about them is allowed in these thread. Off topic discussion is not. Try to keep chatting to the Discussion thread.

    → Voting will run approximately from the 13th to the 18th.*
    → Each maker will get their own poll.
    → Makers, please don't vote in your own polls. Otherwise, try to vote in as many as you can!
    → If tiebreakers are necessary, they will be posted on the 18th and run until the 20th.*

    → The winning icons will be announced all together, either on the 18th or the 20th.*
    → Makers can ask for banners featuring their winning icons, if they so desire.

Anything Else?
    → Advertise Best of '10, please! I hope to make this a big meme with lots of makers and nominations. So advert, advert, advert away! Feel free to use the banner at the top of this post or make new ones!
    → I'm hoping not to make a rule stating that if you put your name forward, you must nominate for a certain number of other people. Just remember, putting yourself forward and running off is rude behavior and will earn you a :| face.
    → Did I miss something totally obvious? Let me know in the Questions and Suggestions thread.
    → Just want to chat? Use the Discussion thread.

* All dates may be subject to change, depending on how fast/slow this meme takes off.


And... go!
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